This code of conduct provides guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected from the members of Final Stand. The code applies to members (of all ranks) in their dealings with each other and the wider gaming community.

The objective of the code is to:

    *      Foster mutual trust, respect and tolerance between members.
    *      Protect the credibility of Final Stand within the World of Warcraft Online community.
    *      Support the development of a positive, teamwork oriented community.

1. Members actions shall demonstrate that they are part of an entity which believes that the importance of the whole is more vital than the importance of the individual.
2. Members shall not abuse or discourage other Members in any way and shall act in a respectful manner in all communications.
3. Members shall not make derogatory comments regarding gender, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities.
4. Members shall not participate in any act of sexual harassment or bullying.
5. Members shall not use any Guild resource to publicly derogate other guilds, bring other guilds or their members into disrepute, or generally abuse other entities. Members shall contact the Guild Leader should any inter-guild issue arise for direction.
6. When called upon Members shall endeavor to come to the aid of any other member in need of assistance.
7. All members shall attempt to participate in Guild related events unless time or personal circumstances preclude attendance. If you can not make a raid and are part of the core 25, make a post in the Lounge in the "Daily Raid Availability" thread and state your reason for absence.
8. Members going on extended leave shall notify an Officer or Class Leader at the earliest opportunity.
9. Members shall not steal from other Members or from the Guild itself. "Ninja looting" is prohibited when raiding with any pugs...
10. Unless authorized to do so by an Officer, Members shall not discuss sensitive Guild related issues in any public forum. With the exception of disciplinary actions and complaints these issues shall only be discussed within the Members Forum of the Guild website.
11. Members shall not distribute personal information about any other member without their approval.
12. Members shall not promote the use of gold farming websites, account selling websites, bots, scripts or other third party applications which contravene the Blizzard EULA or ToS.
13. Members  shall obey all rules and regulations regarding World of Warcraft as may be determined necessary by Blizzard Entertainment.