Below is a list of MANDATORY addons and requirements for Final Stand raids:


  • DBM / Big Wigs
  • Omen (or similar threat meter) - For dps and tanks


  • Decursive (only if you can remove the bad shit)
  • Recount / Skada (Please do NOT assume that if you are on top of the DPS/ Heals on these that you are the best, they are a TOOL ONLY)
  • Click/ Mousover Macros
  • Addon Control Panel
  • Atlas Loot
  • Phoenix Style
  • Titan Panel

REQUIRED PROGRAMS (other then WoW obviously):

  • Ventrilo


  • All gear gemmed/ enchanted/ reforged
  • Food/Water (for your toon and for you)
  • Gold for repairs

 Flasks are provided for current content guild raids by the guild, provided the guild has the mats.

Make sure you are repaired and online prior to invites going out

This is a very simple list and is mainly COMMON SENSE....however it seems it needs to be said! 

If you know in advance you cannot make a raid night or you can only stay until a certain time let the raid leader or any officer in the raid know...we will not condemn you for it, but we will be able to prepare a swap out and have less down time. If an emergency comes up...again let the raid leader or any officer in the raid know.